Saturday, 28 January 2012

Our Living Room - The Ideal

Wondering what The Ideal vs. The Real is? Click here to find out.

If not, on with the tour!

The view from the kitchen. Oh you spotted those prettily labelled boxes already? A closer look? Of course!

Remind you of anything?

Yes I copy myself too!

I know open storage isn't ideal with small children, but the boxes make it much easier to hide things and tidy afterwards. A while ago I took all Izzy's jigsaws out of the boxes and put them into these bags from Ikea.

ISTAD Plastic bag, assorted colours Package quantity: 50 pack

They come in a pack of 50 and are resealable. I also use them for food and games. We've had to replace a couple, but we've had them for years now and mean that the jigsaws take up much less space.Plus how long do jigsaw boxes last before the edges rip and a side comes off? I'm sure it's not just our house that it happens in!

Much better than ripped boxes!

To the left of the T.V. is our corner sofa (great for lying out or visitors, both -not-so-much). The gallery wall is just above. Since we rent all the pictures are hung with command strips. They've been up a year now (most of them anyway, I add to it every so often), and I've had one that a corner came loose on, but it still didn't fall down, I just had to replace a strip to make it straight, cos I'm conventional like that.

On the other side is the bookshelf, my old feeding chair now Andy's gaming chair. Incidentally I'm sat on it typing this right now! See the laptop table? So convenient! Plus it also means I can type at the sofa too!

Also just realised pretty much every item of furniture in this shot is from Ikea...does this mean we're cheap? (probably!)

The bookshelves are three billy bookcases joined, the little table and chairs were a gift a couple of years ago that I painted and the chair and laptop table are also Ikea. The little table in the corner with the lamp on came with the bed and mattress we scored for Izzy for £30 (new!), and as a bonus they just lived a couple of streets away from us!

Another view of the sofa, I'd like to change up the art on the left to something more colourful but I'm not sure what.

Plus I'd love to put doors on the bookcase...

Just some half doors at the bottom would be perfect. But at the moment it works pretty well (and I'm too cheap to fork out more for doors than I did for the bookcases). It just looks more cluttered than I'd like. The bottom is scrapbooks and big folders we don't use so much. The next up at kid height is their books and colouring pads, then our books (a few wire type things in the basket) and on the top a few toys and their art caddy.

I did have a lot more toys in this room, but on an evening when me and hubs were trying to chill out it always involved a big tidy/look and trip over toys. So most are now in their rooms and I just rotate some of them every so often. They tend to colour, play with the garage or do jigsaws down here. 

Plus the trains are in this toy box.

How do you deal with the clutter? Or do you have a playroom or separate family room?

We literally have two rooms downstairs. This and the kitchen, unless the cupboard under the stairs counts? 

And actually if you ask Harry Potter I'm pretty sure he'd say it doesn't. 

So two! But I do love our petite home :)

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