Friday, 13 January 2012

The Real vs. The Ideal - Ethan's Room (The Real!)

*Wondering what The Ideal vs. The Real is? Click here for an intro.*

So yesterday I showed you the "Ideal" in Ethan's room, but today is the fun (and slightly embarrassing) bit!

So is it wrong that I'm looking at this and not thinking it's too bad? I mean, the sheet is off his bed ready to be changed. Izzy's shorts are on the floor. And a random game box. It has been worse, but this is what it tends to look like.

Just a few toys out.

The wardrobe is a little worse... The bags are my husband's old train sets that his mum dropped off recently. Izzy was allowed to play twice. With supervision.

The bottom of the wardrobe is where I keep the things for charity. I just went through some under bed boxes and found these that I hadn't used in years, so they're being purged!

This is the shelf in his wardrobe I couldn't share yesterday. And I have no excuse because the kids can't even reach up there. I get the books up and down! 

I did have them on a lower shelf but they were always all out, so I made the book nook and rotate from here and the library now (and we have lots on the bookshelf downstairs, is that normal?) 

Now for some secret storage. Which I will have to change once Ethan realises that I'm using up toy space for laundry.

The top drawer is odd socks (there are a LOT there!) with memory boxes underneath. Then swim nappies and wipes (when we bulk buy I just store them under his bed).

The bottom drawer is actually all my ironing. I feel a little guilty about storing it in his room...We moved here before I was pregnant with him, and it has always been in here, just now it's hidden in a drawer. What do other people do who don't have a laundry room?

The top is normally clear, unless my sister hasn't been round to iron...which would mean that the clothes would have multiplied so they also took over the top of the drawers!

So, my little boy's room on an average day! What about you? Similar? Anyone else have a permanent donate pile? I totally need more wicker baskets for that issue! :)


  1. Hey Im a bit like you in that I tend to store clothing and other, no longer used baby items for re-disribution be it to charity, recycling or ebay in the bottom of Charlottes wardrobe & one of the drawers as she is not using all the space atm. also the top shelf in the wardrobe is used for all our spare sheet sets. We have to do this when we dont have masses of storage space, I sayif its a space thats spare for now then use it!

  2. Hiya Rhiannon!
    Somehow on facebook (I think) I recently (this month I think) saw a link to your blog and was happy to discover it was by someone I (kinda) know (and in England). :) Hope you don't mind, I've now been enjoying blog stalking you. :) I was even planning to talk to you about it on Saturday but you weren't there. Sorry you couldn't make it. Your piece about service was really nice and well written. :)
    As for this post, Ethan's room is totally not that bad. :) When I clicked on your past post with the picture of the kitchen it made me happy. :)Yay real life.
    Even though I love flipping through blogs whenever I get a chance to go on the computer I often end up feeling down, dejected, irritable, and frustrated. I so want to do things like this but it's such a struggle. Well done for doing everything you do and thanks for sharing it.
    This post totally makes me want to take pictures and email it to you.:)