Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Super Scrimpy Storage

So I had a few minutes to kill before the gym today thanks to my husband car sharing with someone from work. (Two days a week that car is mine, and I totally feel smug driving where ever I want! A weird side effect of not having a car for nearly a year.)

So I dropped into Wilkinsons to check out the offers. They have some pretty sweet discounted items sometimes. 

Like these...   

Price each?

Even better!

I thought the smaller one would be perfect as an art caddy. Then the kids will stop using my desk all the time. Then they can take their creativity wherever they want. :)

So I got three cups from a recent trip to Ikea (I think they were 90p for six) and filled them with some art supplies.

(Don't worry for my carpet, the felt tips are actually special ones that only colour on a certain book. No clothes or cream rugs need to worry.)

Then I arranged them all pretty.

Well actually it was the only way that fit.

And then I thought I'd use the other in my bathroom. 

My bathroom is seriously tiny, but this will fit perfectly between the toilet and wall.

Ready for some super prettied up toilet roll?

Sure, I could go more posh...

Awesome toilet roll holder :)

I mean, I'm pretty sure the queen has one of these, but due to the size of our bathroom our knight would end up with his hands on your lap...Awkward.

And why no photos of in actually in my bathroom?


I didn't want to clean it today. (Terrible housewife!) 

At least the holders clean!

So what have you used recently for storage? I'd love some more ideas! I still think it's pretty crazy that I used cups for crayons! 

And what bargains have you scored recently? I need some inspiration, I only ever shop at Ikea or Wilkos for home things.


  1. Wilko is amazing. B&M is good times as well, I have scored some really good deals there.

  2. Great minds think alike - I picked up the brown one for an art caddy.
    Home Bargins has great deals too.

  3. Ha ha, great minds think alike eh? :) I'd love to check out your blog or be able to reply to you properly. If you didn't mind dropping me an email sometime or sending me a link to your blog?