Monday, 30 January 2012

One Day Monday

Happy Monday! Hope you've all got a great week planned/no tantrums and whinging. And that your kids are well behaved too ;)

Here's some eye candy I've been adoring recently:

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How yummy does this look? I actually made a chocolate fudge cake yesterday, and we still have most of it left. I may just attempt this one today as you have to break up your cake and then mix in the strawberries (I could NOT figure out how they'd done it.) Over at Betty Crocker.

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This card is so cute, plus perfect for the man in your life. As in there's no flowers or love hearts. Found here.

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I love these dolls, Izzy would too. They're from Cook You Some Noodles on Etsy. I think I could attempt a knock off and Izzy would never know - as long as she didn't see this picture and realise how good it should look! Such sweet fabric for the dresses too! Good job my friend Kathryn (she's my much more talented friend who I stole this idea from) is planning a fabric shopping trip soon, it's a sad state when the majority of your sewing fabric is actually from old clothes and sheets...

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I love these bean bags. And it  looks like something I could actually do! As in it  is sewing in mostly straight lines :) The yellow stripey fabric is my favourite. Cute! From So You Think You're Crafty.

So what are you working on/oogling this week? Have you gotten motivated again after the Christmas crafts rush? I accidentally took off nearly a month (to recover!), especially as the kids were not sleeping well, but am not sewing and crafting again :) My sanity is thanking me.

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