Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Kitchen - The Real

Wondering what The Real vs. The Ideal is? Click here. And here for the Ideal version.

A little late (I've been scoring some awesome guest posters for mid February to finish the series), but maybe the dramatic photos will make up for it...

There it is! Washer full of wet clothes and a pile ready to go. Recycling piled up on the far left surface, plus dirty dishes (though most are in the dishwasher, I tend to pop them in throughout the day and turn it on in the evening to empty when the kids have breakfast) and paintings drying on worktops.

But actually, if I ignore the clothes...

I kind of like it.

Because when I clean or cook (or dance) in here my kids come too. And this is where we play, paint, glue...

and where my kids play with mummy's toys.

Because I'm also getting good at sharing ;)

Oh except not so good at sharing this cupboard...

Though I have to say this was right after Christmas. 

But now I'm realising that it's not that long since then. 

And all those chocolates have gone.

Maybe I should be better at sharing...

Where does it all happen in your home?

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