Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kitchen - The Ideal

Wondering what The Ideal vs. The Real is? Click here for an intro!

Sorry this Ideal vs. Real post's a little late in the week. Like I mentioned before, it's easy getting the 'real' photos. The ideal ones...not so much. 

Anyway, here it is!

This is as you come in from the living room. The back door opens out onto our back garden, or patio. It actually doesn't contain any grass apart from the stuff I haven't weeded out...

As you can see it's where our washing machine and dishwasher is. Man I really love having a dishwasher!

Because I'm lazy efficient, when the kids (or I) mess up our clothes I throw them straight into the washing machine and then just add to them each day to create a full load. Rather than walking ALL the way upstairs to the basket.

This is to the right of the washing machine and sink. I love all the storage, though I could always use some more :) but compared to our flat we were at three years ago with only four cupboards...this is fantastic!

The table and my crafting area. My fabric is stored in the box under the desk. The two magazine files hold mine and Izzy's crafting supplies. Though if you look carefully you might be able to guess why Izzy is banned from playing there at the moment. The front drawers are no longer white, but stained with different shades of acrylic paint. 

And the table is perfect for us. It extends on each side for when we have people over, see this post for when we had my family over too. Plus the seats just pop out making them really easy to cover in fabric! 

I really want to paint the table white and recover the chairs in a thick stripped navy and white fabric. But I'm too chicken. Plus hubs said "What will we eat our dinner off if it goes wrong?"

Well obviously I didn't consider that a possibility! But now I am! 

And the fridge. Come on, I know it's the moment you were all waiting for! And if you squint you can see all those reward magnets on Izzy's chart.

And yes, there are two doors leading out into the same tiny patio a mere 2 feet from each other. The patio doors were added just before we moved in, and I do love the light, and breeze in the summer. I guess they left the other door on for lots of access?

And as a last little nosey in, you want to see my messiest and most shameful cupboard?

Hubs affectionately calls it my craving cupboard. As I may have stocked it particularly well during my pregnancy with Ethan. Lots of fruit pastilles. Mmm... Though I did have a box for the crisps but hubs stole it back for man type things.

Anyone else have an equally shameful cupboard? Crisps, biscuits and chocolates? Though I did just notice some rice cakes at the back there. Not sure how long they've been there. I'm pretty sure they were a first hand-held food for Ethan. He's 20 months now...

Tomorrow, the real! 

Update: here's the real.

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  1. I think you should gather some courage and paint your table. I really doubt you'll ruin it enough to not be able to eat on it. My dinning set is on my to do list. I'm new to revamping furniture but I've done a couple pieces and its so fun. :) your patio looks cute by the way.