Thursday, 12 January 2012

Real vs. Ideal - Ethan's room

If you want to know what The Ideal vs. The Real series is about click here for an intro.

So Ethan is 21 months. He loves cars. And lots of toys out at one time (though that is probably true of most kids!).

So because he is little and wants to play all day I've made most of his toys accessible and easy to tidy up.

All his similar toys are together (and some of Izzy's as they both prefer to play in here). The big toys are always out on these stools my auntie gave me, and the smaller parts are put inside the wicker basket that is inside the middle drawer which is a good height for them to get things out of and put away.

This was actually my husband's idea. We had lots of toys for them, but they weren't very good at playing by themselves, which was making me a little crazy! And it was because there was no obvious way to play with them.

They were just all dumped into a box.

So we put all the Little People/Peppa Pig toys together and they loved it! And they play so sweetly together with them.

His bed. Where I need a little bit of help with the wall. I have the bunting, which is just triangles of scrapbook paper sewn with my machine onto ribbon with the edges folded under and a command strip to hold it into place. 

But I am stumped with what to put onto the wall. I did try the art that Char from crap I've made did with magazines and a shape (I did his name), but it was a HUGE craft fail! So if you have any ideas please let me know. I'd love to make a piece for there.

Here's the start of his gallery wall made up of his and Izzy's paintings (she was very upset that I was only going to use his!), there will be more soon. They're just held on with the command strips as the frames are so light.

Inside his wardrobe. I am a little OCD about having it go tees, long sleeved tees, sweater vests, shirts, cardis and jumpers and then jackets. 

But I also have them sorted by colour too...

I feel better now I've admitted that! 

The other side of his wardrobe:

From the bottom up. Our towels, with his grow into clothes behind, and I think a shoe organiser I've been looking for a place to put up... And above that his shelf for cars and diggers. Perfect for him to get out himself and put away.

Then bedding for him and some more grow into clothes.

And the top shelf is pjs, jeans and trousers with shorts, hats and socks behind.

And here's the view heading out the door (our room across the corridor). On the bottom right is an Ikea bin holding all his mega blocks, and I didn't move the monitor for this shot as it will only work in that exact position and if it is knocked it takes ages to wiggle it around to get it to come back on. Not fun when you have a tired boy ready for bed!

The rug is a solution to the whole laminate floor in a kids room when you rent.

So there's the ideal (ish), I'll show you the real next, including on top of his wardrobe (maybe that will shame me into sorting the mess!), inside his wardrobe (I hid a shelf), and what it really looks like day to day.

**Click here for the real!**

So any ideas on the wall art? 

And as an exciting development, at the end of the series I am lining up guest posters to show their 'real' too! I'm doubly excited because I've never had any guest posters here before! 

If you'd like to show some of your real life in a post give me an e mail;

Even if you just want to send a photo I would love that too!


  1. Very nice! I like the 2 tone paint!

  2. I was going to suggest a name for the art but it sounds like you may have done that already. I am a new Twitter follower visiting from Five Days 5 Ways. Vicky from Mess For Less