Friday, 25 February 2011

Getting to know my sewing machine

So I haven't been great with posting recently, but I've been busy I promise! So I got a sewing machine at Christmas and have been working it out, please be kind!

My first project is a new baby present.

And the other side of the taggy blanket toy...

Plus a good way to use up ribbon scraps!

Then I make a pillow for my daughter...

The picture does not do the material justice! Wow that's a terrible photo, but it's straight line stitching still! Hemmed it right sides together and after turning it, stuffing it and closed the hole. Then I stitched an inch from the edge all the way around. Like an oxford pillow case?

Anyway I'm still very much at the learning stage, I'm currently working on some pj bottoms for my daughter. But I'll keep you posted hoever it turns out!

The simple card

Firstly, sorry for the poor lighting I only seem to get to craft when the kids are in bed! I needed to make some note cards but had a hundred other things to do too. (probably sounds familiar!) So I made these and they're so quick but I think they still look cute. Just a strip of ribbon, thickers letters and a chipboard flower.

Now just ninety nine or so things to go!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Flower Power!

See I wasn't kidding! Flowers on everything. However in my defence most things look prettier with a flower on them! :)

Check out this post if you've not seen the how to.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

DIY Crayons

Okay, so technically you're not going to make your own crayons but the will be funkier colours and way cooler shapes! (cylinder is SO last year!)

I saw a party bag idea on the homemade by Jill blog where she melted crayons to make car shapes for her son's party so I thought Izzy would love to try it. Plus she is also bored with 'normal' crayon shapes.

So while Izzy was napping I took all the papers off the crayons.

When I say 'I', I should probably point out that I had a little helper...

After we'd done that I waited for Izzy to wake up. And waited. And waited. And decided that I had no excuse not to empty the dishwasher. :(

Then when she woke up and put different colours in each hole of the silicone mould (ours is a train one), but you could use any silicone tray or even bun cases. Then we put it in the oven about 150C for about 15 mins.

I wish I'd put the moulds on a tray because when I took it out it spilt and I had to take out the whole shelf too!

When they were all set and cool I popped them out and Izzy loved them! SO much more fun with a new shape and swirly colours!

(sorry about the wrong way round photo, the uploader keeps flipping it! Taken me ages and it still looks like this!)

I love the way Jill has done them as party bag favours, and it's so easy that I think I'll try them for Izzy's party.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fabric Flowers

Izzy got a lovely In the Night Garden top from her uncle at Christmas, but it had a little hole near the collar. (top right)

But no problem, I'd seen a few tutorials for fabric flowers and thought it was a good opportunity to try it for myself.

I got my material and cut six rough circles of similar sizes.

Then I got a match and hold it near the edge of the material all the way around so it curls up at the edges.

Then place them on top of other in size order, largest to smallest. Then get a button and lay that on top too.

Sew it on...

And you're done! Next you can sew onto clothes, shoes, headbands or a hair clip!

I put mine on Izzy's top...

and got a very happy girl!

Now I want to make hair clips for everyone! Guess what everyone in my family is getting for birthdays this year!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Starting 'em young

A few weeks ago I saw this "chore chart" and thought it looked really cute, so decided to do one for Izzy, cos you know she is nearly three and all. She needs to start earning her way. But mostly I just wanted to make one, an incentive for both of us to help her learn to tidy up her own messes!

I started off with a spare canvas I had from this project (about 8 x 8 inches) and painted it pink. It took about a day to dry completely.

Then I punched out seven circles and drew a picture of each job I wanted to include (don't panic, it's one or two a day, but I did that many to mix it up and keep it fresh!).

I then got some sticky dots and stuck the circles onto some colored card with plenty of space between them. Then I got one of my many empty baby food jars and used that to draw circles around them.

Cut them out...

I used the same jar to draw seven circles on yellow card and cut these out. Then I drew different happy faces. (You know to keeping it exciting, she IS still two after all!)

I used sticky dots to attach a job on one side and a face on the other of a peg.

I got some matching thick ribbon and super glued it on the back like this...

So that I could store the spare jobs on the back!

Then I played with it wishing it was ok to wake up my sleeping child to show her my creation.

I think I'm going to add some alphabet stickers on the bottom but no sure what to put. What do you think? 'Izzy's jobs', 'Jobs'?
And a final picture (sorry, can't resist!)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


So you're allowed to brag about something you've baked if you got the idea from a recipe book right? It's okay to say "These are the tastiest thing since Ben and Jerry's!" (maybe not quite as good as cookie dough, but you know, they're still SO tasty!) Good! Its adapted from Nigella's Christmas book.

Here we go!

First ensure that your 9 month old has something educational to occupy him while you bake.

Yes that is a chocolate wrapper, and he did try to eat it. I guess I'm not so good at balancing the whole domestic goddess and perfect mum at the same time!

So Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Get 170g of peanut butter, 150g of icing sugar, 40g of soft butter and 40g of soft brown sugar and mix in a bowl

It will take a while till it combines but it will become a sandy kind of paste. If you have a free standing mixer use that (while I turn green with envy) but remember to put a towel over it to stop the icing sugar from decorating your kitchen.

Next get a tablespoon and a half of the mixture and press into bun cases (or the miniature ones but I'm greedy!)

Melt 200g of dark and 100g of milk chocolate over a pan of boiling water.

If you don't have a helpful two year old you may need less chocolate.

When all the chocolate is melted wait for it to cool a little then evenly pour over the peanut butter bases.

Then leave them to set, either in the fridge for 30 mins to be quick, or out for 1-2 hours. They taste best at room temperature.

These are the only ones left for a photo (then I ate them. Mmmmnnn).

And if Izzy can make them whilst posing for photos you can too!

She also had time for this: