Sunday, 15 January 2012

Gimme s'more love croissants

Alternate title:

I heart you s'more

Or three ingredient croissants that you can make with your kids. But that's not nearly as catchy or Valentines-y.

Grab some puff pastry, chocolate and marshmallows.

Cut your pastry into squares.

And then triangles. As you can see a three year old can do it quite well!

Pop in a square of chocolate and some mini marshmallows.

Roll the long straight edge down...

Until it is sealed. You might have to press it at the edges a little.

Brush on a little beaten egg to make them nice and golden (you don't need quite as much as Ethan's putting on in this photo!). Then press the two points together from two semi circles to make a heart shape and bake at 180 C for about 10 mins, maybe a little less.

When they're baked you could drizzle them with a little extra melted chocolate, and I think they're extra good when you microwave them for a few seconds before eating/serving to your Valentine.

And of course say something super cheesy as you do. "I give you my heart." :) 

Sorry Valentines brings out all sorts of cheesy romantic-ness in me!