Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Family in the Window" Building Blocks

*I must add an apology to those family members whose photos have been used. Many are not flattering, but all are loved by my kids! :)*

This was an idea I had, and made for Ethan's birthday (I realise that was nearly two months ago, I suck). I thought having people he knew in the "windows" of his towers would be cool. 

He loves pointing out everyone, I still have a few more to add too!

I started out with a box of wooden blocks and gathered the cube ones. Printed out photos and cut to size. I actually guessed the size by holding up a block next to the page and making sure it was 100% on the laptop! I know, accurate! 

I mod podged them on and did a clear coat over the top.

I cut some white vinyl out for the shape of the windows, but you could just as easily paint it white.

Then let your littlie play! 

Okay, I did this one...

Also I may have gotten a little sharpie happy one some of the other blocks...

Ethan actually really likes the one with the cat in the top window! And Izzy likes the Tangled style pillar. I was really impressed that both she and my husband spotted it without prompting!

So much fun! And I LOVE my new sharpies, I just need some more projects to do with them, I'm thinking a fathers day tee? Any ideas?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lace Jar Vase

So simple. 

It's been on the internet for a while, but I gave it a try this morning when I spotted that my chives had loads of these purple flowers. (If you're not a gardener like me chives are perfect! They're green all year round, flower, and you can use them in your food! Plus I don't give mine much attention and they last really well!)

I just grabbed a clean vase (yes I now store mine for such occasions), wrap some lace round and mod podge down the edges. You could also hot glue it, but my glue gun wasn't on! :)

Not bad for free. Plus you get a little sneak peek of my latest, half-way done project... I can.not wait to finish! 

(Ethan's smelling the flowers face)

He quite enjoyed being able to pick flowers.

I asked him to put his head near the flowers. Okay, thanks Ethan :)

So easy and cheap for such a pretty idea. 

P.S. I first saw this at my friend Kathryn's house, she blogs here!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sharpie Doodle Kids' Tees

Look how fast she is at this activity!

p.s. the hubs' hands, not mine ;)

It's pretty much what it says. Sharpies work a lot like fabric pens, the colours are just a little less vibrant when washed. I did theirs on a 40 degree wash with a load of whites and all was fine! But please don't get mad at me if your pens/machine is different to mine! 

With Izzy (she's four) I let her do whatever she wanted, but just slid in a shiny covered book (that I wasn't precious about) inside her top.

With Ethan (he's two) I gave him a shape to "colour" in which I then outlined. But he did his own thing too (as you can just about see!).

Here's my little photogenic child modelling hers in our town center on market day. See if you can spot the classy displays of bedding and hoovers to the right...

She loved wearing it out, Ethan was wearing his too, but by this point he was sweaty and asleep in his pushchair. Yes, even less photogenic at this point than his sister. 

Quite the achievement actually...

Phew, a cute looking one! 

Such a simple project. Great for a summer activity with minimal set up. Plus I used tees with marks already on them, so even if it had gone wrong I wouldn't have lost out. 

Is it weird that I kinda want to make my own?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

DIY Family Tree

I saw this amazing idea on etsy recently (argh, but I didn't pin it! If anyone knows where it is let me know!), here and thought I'd try to make one for my mum using PicMonkey.

I just made a photo white using a white rectangle "sticker". Then just added the names, editing the colour and angle.

My mum and dad are the trunk, then their kids are darker green (eight of us!), our spouses are a lighter green and my kids (the only grand kids so far) are the lightest green. 

I even got excited and made on for my grandma!

Both of them loved it. (phew)

Even though I misspelled one of my brother's middle names. And got their wedding year wrong.

But it's okay, I just told her it was the draft copy.

Here's the "draft copy" at my mum's. 

Gotta love some cheap personal artwork.

Speaking of...

I took this picture when we went to the beach last November (that was Izzy's idea, it was SO cold! But still awesome!).

It goes right next to our gallery wall. Please ignore the middle frame that fell onto the one below. I'll get to it. At some point.

It's kinda big. And Izzy loves it! 

Plus it's great quality, even though it was taken on my husband's old phone. Awesome!

So what have you made into personalised art? Any other ideas?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Simple but Sweet Occasion Cards

Sorry for the silence this week.

I had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction. It hurts.

Then I made a truck load of cards to get my crafting fix that I've missed this week.

They're all simple. Alphabet stamps, punches and a little washi tape.

My awesome sister bought me my first ever roll for my birthday. That and a whole box full 'o crafting supplies. I may have squealed, but when I saw her said  wisdom tooth was still painful.

I made a few too many so am going to add some to the shop

You can buy one, or a pack of five. Mix and match, cos I think that's always fun! 

And because you're reading this you're clearly awesome, so use code IMAWESOME at the checkout to recieve 40% off! 

Monday, 14 May 2012

"I (heart) You" Framed Fingerprints Art

My mum's birthday was today. 

I made all of her presents this year. Which is more about having more confidence than time. I really love making gifts for people (I'll always find time!), but have never had the confidence to just give them things I've made. 

The homemade thing was always an "extra" so that if they thought it was rubbish they still had a "proper" gift too. But because of people getting gifts being so sweet, and of course people on this blog, my confidence has grown a little. And I feel okay about giving things I've made. 

Especially to my mum! ;)

This frame was last minute. Izzy wanted to make something for her grandma. I already had everything I needed and it took less than 10 minutes!

I just stamped the words and inked the kids thumbs and it was done. Sweet.

Two tips; I would stamp the words second or at least let them dry before you do your kids fingerprints. (our letters got smudged!)

Also I stamped the kids' fingerprints on a scrap of paper a couple of times first so that the lines on their print stood out more.

Here it is on top of my mum's piano. Along with a sneak peak of one of her other gifts...

Anyone else done some fingerprint art? I'm kinda loving it! I want one too :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Brownie Milkshake

Our family received some pretty exciting news this week.

My brother is eighteen and has been saving up for a while to be a missionary for our churchHe sent his papers off a few weeks back and had no idea where they'd send him. 

Wednesday I got a call from my mum to say the post had arrived and after lots of excitement we found out he is going to Cape Verde!

Okay I had no idea where it was, so they explained. But I can show you by the power of the internet right now!

This is my little brother who has never even been out of England! He is SO thrilled! 

So to celebrate, and lure my family over to mine so I could join in the excitement, I made brownies. (If they lived longer than five minutes away I might have made a cake...)

Okay, I'd already made brownies, but sharing them like this made me feel less guilty.

My sister was recovering from having two teeth out, so on a whim I attempted a brownie milkshake.

I figured I'd just blend milk and brownies. 

And that's all there is to it! 

You need about the amount of milk in the above picture and add 3-4 squares of brownies.


It is seriously that simple.

So easy and SO gooooood. Plus you can use the corner pieces that no one really wants.

Score! :)

Oh, and it's even guaranteed to cheer up a sore-mouthed teenager about to get braces on. It is that good.

(Brownie recipe here.)

Chalk Paint Jar Lids (quickie craft)

This craft is that easy that my four year old ended up doing it for me! (Sweet!)

Clean out a jar. I actually let the dishwasher do this bit for me!

Then paint the lid with chalkboard paint.

Izzy did that bit! It's not perfect, but it turned out great still!

Wait overnight for it to dry, chalk on your message and deliver.

I know. I'm really cheesy.

Or you could use them for storage jars. And just chalk on what's inside.

This one was filled with sweets. What can I say? My friend's pregnant and really loves sweets! Oh and I got to keep the left overs...that works out well too ;)

Hmm...still have more chalk paint left. Any other ideas? (I already have a Chalkboard Table and Chalkboard Frame)

Too Much Time On My Hands

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Cath Kidson Handbag Project

My birthday was last week, and I got two Cath Kidson sewing books. I seriously love the fabrics they have, so when I found out that one of the books (Sew!) not only has patterns for bags and loads more, but also included the fabric pre-cut for the above bag I was so excited!

So as soon as I was alone I got sewing. Seriously took less than two hours.

And that included my first go at button holes...

So you know, I don't have a special button hole maker on my machine. Just a zig-zag stitch!

Plus I used the pre cut pattern pieces to cut out some more out of oil cloth.

The lace very cleverly covers where I melted the oilcloth while trying to iron the seam.

I lined this second bag too. And now Izzy's claimed it as her own for a changing bag. Her dolls need a lot of stuff apparently.

How about some awkward "with bag" poses?

Aaaaand that's why you don't see much of me on the blog! (or my mirror, I swear it doesn't look that bad in real life!)

Oh and by the way, I just recently found a new favourite thing to do. 

Izzy was at nursery school, Ethan had gone to my mum's for the morning. So while I cut and sewed I put in my earphones, turned my music up loud and belted out some tunes.


I'm so used to listening out for someone 24/7 and being loud and not listening was so good! Anyone else tried it? And what songs do you listen to? My favourite album is such a guilty pleasure, I'm not even sure I'm brave enough to share it!