Monday, 28 November 2011

Holiday Comforts and Hot Chocolate on a Stick

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Since December is just days away, I wanted to share with you some things I love about Christmas, a couple of my holiday comforts.

I think it goes without saying that family are a huge part of Christmas time. I am extremely lucky in that both mine and my husband's parents live just five minutes from us. We normally get to see each set at least once a week.

However, we tend to do the same things. Eat dinner (at their house), chat and then go home. (As you can see we make the most of free dinners round here! :) )

When December comes around we try to do more events and activities together. My mum's side always have a get together just after Christmas with my grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. Andy's side is a little smaller and all get together boxing day. 

I'm the second oldest of eight children, my husband has one sister, needless to say when he met my family it was a bit of a baptism of fire! Especially as most of them were still children. But they all adored him straight away, except my older, protective brother (it took him a few months to make sure his intentions were good!).

Anyway, as they've all gotten older and gotten married and gone away to university I've just wanted to make sure we make the most of having most of our family close by. So one thing I organised recently was a family night at our house.


Plus it gave me an opportunity to try out this home made hot chocolate on a stick recipe I found a while back.

I didn't make my own marshmallows...sorry, but the recipe for them is on the link if you want to try out your own. The chocolate part is a ganache (chocolate and cream melted together), I used the same as the one I use for the topping of my favourite chocolate cake recipe or truffles. But it's basically one part cream to two parts chocolate. I don't generally measure, but err on the side of too little cream as it's easier to just add a little more if your mixture is too thick.

Just melt together over a pan of hot water and allow to cool and thicken before pouring into a silicone or non sick tray with at least two inch or so high sides. I also poured some into a heart shaped ice cube tray because I wanted it to be pretty!

Cool in the fridge until firm and then cut out a square shape from the tin, place a heart shape on top and stick it!

I added a little ribbon too because I can't resist!

Swirl into a mug of hot milk (full fat of course!) and enjoy.

You can tell my dad was impressed!

Decadent hot chocolate and all your family round? Perfect Christmas time activity I think.

I also had whipped cream, aero bubbles, grated chocolate and even some truffles with the left over hot choc mixture on the table. But my camera decided it was sick of taking photos of decadent hot chocolate it couldn't enjoy and died before I could take any photos of the creamy, chocolatey towers everyone made! 

So what are your holiday comforts? A big blanket and a perfect film? Your favourite slippers and cranking up the heating when you come in from the cold? Anything with the family is a hit with my kids at the moment!

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  1. My holiday comfort is thinking of christmas's past when i was a young un!!.Very special,when my dad was with us,i miss him very much,so every christmas i go to my mum's we all do there end's up about 10 of us and my "Old Mum" insists on doing all the cooking.I would never change this day for as long as it last's.Now i am single i can spend ALL christmas day with her 'GREAT'
    Yes,your dad really looks like he is having a great time!!!!!

  2. These look amazing and I don't normally like hot chocolate but I am so tempted to give these a go! Thanks!

  3. Yum. What a fun treat! Thanks.

  4. Oh wow! What an awesome idea! I would be very tempted to taste it before it melted.:)

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  6. What a great idea - I love this! Thank you so much for linking up!

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