Sunday, 9 October 2011

One Day Monday

My husband took a couple of days off to make this a four day weekend! Sweet! So with all the extra energy from a lie in and an extra pair of hands I finished off a couple of things I've been working on. I mean seriously, I have about five things that are over half done and have been left months! 

It's had me kicking myself, not literally, I'm not so flexible any more, though of course I can kick my bum like you do in an exercise class, but that's less to do with flexibility and more to do with the size of my bottom. Maybe that's why instructors get you to do it? Motivation?

I also made my first zippered bag with a lining and no raw edges! I'll share them and the other things soon, but for now more things to get distracted by.

Love this idea, it's simple but really cute. In fact I already have the buttons picked out for each child's top but they're both sleeping. And there's no way I'm risking waking those little monsters sleeping angels. From Diddle Dumpling, where there's even more cute embellished top ideas!

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Love this simple idea, so good for foodie gifts at Christmas time, or any time! I'm really trying to be organised this year! Found on Pinterest here.

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You know I love some good monograms! (here, here and here - they were two for one!) This would be a great idea for anyone really! Though I have a couple in mind who are about to be married...though I keep having to fight the urge to use maps! Found on this etsy shop.

And in the interests of being organised for Christmas...

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How cute would these be on the tree? (Found here.) Plus, if you don't do as good a job as this person you can claim the kids made them! Oh the benefits of having kids! 

Though my husband may argue that having someone else to blame for that smell and/or noise is the best part :)

And because this made me smile:

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Found here.

Have a great week!


  1. I love that! Yay for glowworms!

  2. That little onesie is adorable! What a fun idea! I love all the things you posted. So inspiring!