Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Monogram present idea

I wanted to make a gift for my friend (bet you can't guess her name!), but wanted to do something a bit personal. Sometimes I fall into the trap of either mass producing a gift or buying something generic like soap, which I actually love especially Lush or Soap and Glory, and think they have a great place in present buying, but for this I wanted her to know I was thinking about her specifically.

A lovely little peek at my neighbours houses there too! And if you're from the lovely US, then yes that is two houses, and no, I'm not super poor, a semi is pretty normal I think (unless I really am that poor I can't imagine much bigger...), and yes, I'm very jealous of your huge homes!

I got the letter from Hobby craft for £1.99 each but I got 2 and got one free. I wish I knew where you can buy Modge Podge in the UK, but alas I had to go with my trusty pritt stick to glue on the paper and the card was made easier as I had a left over triangle from the banner on this post.

Of course I added a fabric flower! In fact I'm pretty sure you'd think I'd been hacked if I didn't have at least one included.

By the way the "E" is the hardest letter to cover, except maybe C, O or S Because the paper won't cover the edges as the horrizonals of the letter are too close together! So don't look too closely!

I hope it's not too wierd that fabric flowers make me this happy.


  1. Yet another brilliant idea from the 'Muffin Queen'
    no you are not weird about fabric flowers,i have a thing about material can't stop buying it and when i buy it i do not always have anything in mind i want to make!!!!! But at the moment i am mad about making bags and i have a order for a friend of 3 bags not your plain shopping bags either,i will have to get a blog and show my bags. But i love your stuff

  2. ha ha, thanks lesley. i would love that, or you could do a guest post on here! i'd love to make a proper bag, i've attempted one for izzy so far, but its small! xx

  3. What a thoughtful gift :) I like it and Im sure your friend will too. Also I like your fabric flowers