Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fabric Letter

Get your supplies together (and a bossy assistant!). Hot glue, fabric, letter and scissors. 

Measure how much fabric you need by wrapping it around and just leaving a slight overhang, then trim

Then just glue in place cutting in on the corners. Depending on the letter you may have to cut a strip for one of the sides.

And then where mine was a little imperfect I added some rolled flowers (tutorial to come soon).

(She was bored of photos by this point and was disappointed she couldn't use my glue gun.)

On top of her drawers. (canvas art)

However I realise that it will soon return to this...

Her precious Peppa Pig house must be kept up high to avoid her little brother's reach.

Close up on the flowers. Loving a new type of fabric flower!

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