Sunday, 16 October 2011

Properly lined make up bags

You may have read this post or this post about my attempts to figure out how to do a lined make up bag or man bag.

On this one you may notice I have up and just hot glued some ribbon over the seam... And the other's not much better, I actually had the seams visible but as it was vinyl and not going to fray I let it be.

But I decided that enough was enough and so I got a proper tutorial and (mostly) followed it.

Ta-da! So nice. Plus the outer fabric is an old dress from Izzy that was stained on the front.

And the fabric flower is made from another Izzy dress with a similar story.(My girl LOVES to paint!) Um, and the button may have fallen off a shoe I had. 

It's okay you can call me cheap. (Though I prefer resourceful or economical, though it's really cheapness.)

And when I said I mostly followed the tutorial...

I may not have been referring to it as much as I should have. In that I read it a few weeks ago and then went straight into sewing without looking back.

Second time lucky?

I even got fancy and boxed the corners!

Phew! This one's for my husband's grandma. I think the fabric is perfect for her. (Though it was my fifteen year old sister that chose it originally for a duvet.)

Kate, from See Kate Sew has a seriously amazing blog. Her tutorials are so easy to follow, and she makes things so easy to understand. Even for a total beginner like me!

And please don't do a side by side comparison between the two. It's not flattering, but I'm just proud I've been able to 'do the zipper'. 

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