Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bowl from an old Vinyl Disc

My little brother turned 23 recently. (Well I suppose he is taller than me, but 18 months more wisdom has to mean something right?)

So he's living on his own, a student and a BOY. I find it hard to make gifts for any males. But I eventually came up with this:

My dad told me he used to make these loads when he was younger. And they're so simple! Just place on top of a large glass in the oven for a few mins till it gets soft and melts down!

Apparently you can mold it however you want at this stage but I was nervous as it was my first time. 

Well actually second. The first time I thought I was following my dad's instructions and was under the impression that the disc would curl up and create a bowl by itself. 

I ended up with a vinyl disc with impressions in it from my oven shelf as it melted through it. It actually had surprisingly sharp edges. 

And I was later told by my husband that he thought that one was worth some my defense it was in the garage.

Anyway, it is easy, just use some common sense. As I did the second time.

And here it is all packaged up. A little reminder that on this day 23 years ago my parents decided to use Zeezrom as a middle name.

Tough break Ben.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Ingenius. BTW Your bro looks just like you :)

  2. Did he like it and what does he use it for?

    It's Debbie, Rosie's mum, but I don't know how to give myself a name! :/