Monday, 30 May 2011

Make-up Bag

Can I talk about something a little taboo? Don't worry it's not s.e.x. it's money. :) (phew!) I know a lot of people have been affected by the economy and finances. We have. We are struggling to save for a deposit for our own home and will be saving as much as we can for a good few more years. Even though my husband got a new job the beginning of this year with a larger pay, because of the economy and government cutbacks we actually will be worse off this year financially. :( 

Found this out just a few weeks ago. So we are doing a few things differently. Having a 'stay-cation' instead of going away on holiday. And I decided I need to be more organised with presents this year and try to make more myself. I love to make presents for people, but I'm very unorganised and end up with a mad dash to the shops instead. 

So in the spirit of having gifts ready I guessed my way through this make up bag.

I cut two rectangles of fabric 10" by 12" and two the same size of oilcloth. I pinned one of each right sides together with an 8" zip inside centered. Sewed down and turned the right way round.

Do the same with the other side of the zip.

Sew along the bottom and along one side, unzip the zip to turn later and sew down the other side.

Cut out two inch squares from each corner and pinch the inside corners apart to make a straight line and sew. (look at the photo below because I really struggled to make that last part make sense!)

Do for all the other corners.

And turn.

Now I know the seams are visible but oilcloth doesn't fray and it doesn't bother me as I know the recipient will be soon covering it with plenty of lippy and mascara.

The fabric is from Ikea (is there anything they don't do?!)

I'd love some ideas of other things I could make as presents. I have a large family with lots of ages, but I especially struggle with the men in my family!


  1. Cute bag. Good luck with making your gifts and staying organized.

  2. Jammie bottoms for the boys I am a new sewer and this is one thing I am going to make for gifts this Christmas. I too love to make things to give as gifts and now is a good time to start! By the way love your blog. So much fun! hugs & smiles, Dannette

  3. Lovely make-up bag, great fabric. Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and sharing. Good luck with the gift making.

  4. Hi there, just became a follower of your blog! I really like your make up bag - I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking ahead to presents. Most of my friends have received painted glasses recently. Anna :)

  5. Love your site! You're in good company with making gifts this year. I'm doing that, too. (Mine are mostly crochet, though) Guys are tough. I like the jammie idea above. For little boys, I think you can do the hooded towels.

  6. Hi Rhiannon, What a cute project and I love the Ikea fabric. Thank you for joining my party.

  7. Very cute, I really like the cupcake fabric