Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A couple of gifts

My sister-in-law had a birthday just recently. Okay, maybe two weeks ago. Maybe I'm a little behind. 

Tutorial for the make up bag here, I just glued on a huge ruffle flower. (Make a ruffle and use this tutorial, but make it looser and don't twist.)

The necklace in the box is the 'peas in a pod' necklace. I featured Amy from Positively Splendid with here tutorial last month. And she made it SO easy!

My SIL and her husband recently had their first child, so I love the symbolism of the necklace for them (and thankfully so did she!). 

I even started another one as I was feeling so confident. Then realised I know no one else who has only three members of their family...

At least I'll have a nice gift for a couple with a new baby. Check out the tutorial here. All you need is beads, craft wire and a chain (or old necklace). Plus you can make it as small or big as you want.

(The box is just an old business card box with some tissue paper inside, my husband scored it from work knowing I'm a packaging hoarder.)

With A Shot Of Brandy


  1. VERY cool necklace! :) I think I might have to try my hand at it. :) Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  2. Such a pretty necklace. I love the symbolism too!

  3. This is a beautiful necklace. Hope you will link up and share with everyone at Coffee & Conversation Thursday: http://www.withashotofbrandy.com/posts/coffee-conversation-thursday-2/

  4. Aw, this is so pretty! What a beautiful piece! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share!

  5. You know, that would work well for someone who has 3 KIDS! Great idea!

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