Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sometimes being crafty works against you

Here's why.

Because when Izzy used her just-for-best dress as a painting top...

my first reaction wasn't stain remover. Oh no, when it didn't come out in a normal wash my first reaction (and in fact my only reaction) was to do this.


And maybe you're thinking now that it's not too bad...did you notice the pile of buttons in the above photo. Oh yes. I went there too.


Um, yes, i looks like my scraps threw up on her dress. But she still loves it!

How could I not have thought of stain remover? Not even at any point? Seriously what is wrong with me?! It was such a pretty dress.


  1. Oh no! haha! At least Izzy still likes it. You could probably throw a cardigan over it and no one would even notice.

  2. it looks beautiful rhiannon! its cause I helped make it!