Saturday, 6 August 2011

Too much information?

Making : Birthday cards, canvas with ripped up newspaper (a-la crap I've made), peas in a pod necklace, two top re-fashions - oh wait no there's four on the go, a gift for my dad's birthday tomorrow (yes I'm quite good at procrastinating!).

Cooking : I don't want to admit this but...

Please don't judge I've been out all day working hard (or bowling and eating pizza with the girls at church).

Drinking : Kiwi, apple and lime Innocent smoothie. LOVE!

Reading: Blogs. Real books don't have nearly enough pretty pictures any more.

Wanting: Some gorgeous new wedges for my brother's wedding. Like these:

Though my dress is pink so maybe...

I really am quite good at procrastinating.

Looking: At the back of my husband's head, and getting the odd glimpse of guns and gore (he's not a paid killer, he's playing computer games.)

Playing: Gerbil physics, seriously one of the only computer games I can play. But really addictive. 

Wasting: Space in my little house with many, many half finished projects.

Sewing: Maybe some scrapbook paper bunting for Izzy's the canvas is for Ethan's now (even though Izzy Mod podged and ripped up most of the magazine scraps). 

Wishing: I could buy many, many pairs of wedges. Surely there should be some sort of allowance for heels when you're as 'vertically challenged' as me.

Enjoying: My new-to-me very comfy and totally mum cool gap cardi from my sister who lovingly sorted her wardrobe and let me have dibs. Oh to be 19 and have so much to spend on clothes.

Praying: That I don't look like this in real life.

I seriously look like my brother and I'm pretty sure my legs were at least a little longer than that...

So maybe also wishing for a better camera.

Waiting: The kids would sleep past 6am.

Liking: The letter art I made for my brother. (Mostly the fact that it turned out similar to what I had in my head!)

Wondering: Where to go for my fifth anniversary...a hotel away would be nice.

Loving: The Ben and Jerry's my husband bought and that couldn't fit in the freezer.

Hoping: I will still be able to move in the just-got-the-zip-up dress at the wedding next week...

Marvelling: That the volume on the shooter gun game hasn't woken the kids up. Though at least they would be blissfully unaware if Jack Bauer raided our house.

Needing: A foot rub.

Smelling: Au natural, as I just realised I haven't showered yet today. (Too much information?).

Wearing: Gap cardi, white tee (with dirt on of course), jeans and a stripey scarf. (Yes I know it's summer, and yes a stranger in the street already commented on how weird it was. I don't care. Scarfs make me look cool.)

Following: AGAAGG who first posted this quiz.

Noticing: My shoulder feels weird, is it possible to dislocate it without realising?

Knowing: The power station near me produces six percent of all the energy for the UK.

Thinking: Maybe I should be checking my kids for extra eyes...there are two other power stations close too...

Bookmarking: Or pinning?

   Release Me Create: DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas    Skip to my Lou

All here.

Opening: My lesson manual the night before church. (I know 'tsk!')

Giggling: At the fact I was mistaken for being the same age as the 12 and 13 year old girls I was with today. Though the giggling probably didn't help with the whole 'I'm an actual adult' thing.

Feeling: Like I've been a little too honest...

I'd love to know what you're up to too, let me know! Or copy this like I did and tell me you did!


  1. so funny! love the letter art..going to have to check it out...and i just got two pairs of wedges at payless for like $8. love me a good deal!

    kimbo aka agaagg

  2. wondering when I am going to make some nice things just like you!