Friday, 19 August 2011

Fit for a princess...

(Disclaimer: My house is never this tidy! Please refer to this post for proof if you need any! And you'll notice in the pictures that Izzy was getting in there as soon as I'd finished tidying.) 

When I was growing up we didn't have a lot of money. I have one older brother, three younger brothers and three younger sisters. As a result I got a LOT of boy hand-me-downs. It's kind of funny now looking back at the photos,(though I still cringe when I see photos of me as a teen in boy trousers and a shirt for high school) but I always wanted to make sure that Izzy (and now Ethan too) has things that are hers.

My intention was never to girl-ify Izzy and have everything pink and princesses. If she ever has money to spend I've never directed her to dolls or dresses. Even so, with the possible exception of a toy garage and a football net, she has always gone for pink, always wants to wear dresses, begs her aunties to paint her nails and loves trying on my shoes.

As a result her room is like this:

There are a few things I would like to change, but Izzy (and Ethan) love playing in there, and Izzy has had quite a lot of input!

I even shuffled her room around so she could permanently have her play house up.

Plus it's a great place to hide toys!

(We may be missing a couple of the supporting rods.)

I'd love to paint her wardrobe white, but honestly I just feel it's too big a job! If any of you have experience I'd love to know how long it would take, how long she'd need to be without a wardrobe. Plus how easy it may be to change later. We rent and this was ours, but we have a built in thing here so it went to Izzy. But it might be ours in the future again!

It also houses our spare bedding and more toys.

(excuse the mess, I neglected to tidy this area...)

If you look to the far right there is also a couple of my winter coats in storage.

Speaking of storage. Until we get to Ikea for more hooks guess where our towels are...

Pretty glamorous right? Not even a little bit matching. That's just how we roll.

And a bit of under bed storage. Does anyone really have nothing under their beds?!

Her little drawers were cheap from Ikea and match the bed we found from someone in our village for £30! Pretty much brand new with a new mattress too.

The rugs are also from Ikea (seeing a theme?).

I still want to replace her light fitting for something like this:

Though I may have to just glue them onto the existing shade with it being for a light.

I'd also love to have one or two navy walls, I think it would look so pretty with the pink. But I'm reluctant to take on a big paint project when we can only have six months lease at a time. 

Though these would add some nice colour and could be moved if we did.


Yes fabric pom poms, there's a really simple tutorial here.

But the big thing I need to do is get some art or pictures on her walls. Any ideas? They feel so bare at the moment!

Oh and the bunting is a complete cheat! It's scrapbook paper triangles sewn onto ribbon and hung with command strips. I've even got some in Ethan's room. But I'm not allowed any in mine :(

How do you decorate? How do you decide on colours and themes? And what do you do with your kids while painting their room or furniture? I'm really new to this so I'd love any tip, advice or links to blogs! Thanks. 

Ethan's room next!


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