Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stripe Blanket

Such a simple blanket.

See, my mum had her birthday last month. And although it was May; we do live in England, plus my mum thinks summer clothes is wearing only one fleece ;)

She's gonna be mad about this photo, I was chatting while snapping...

Anyway, along with the finger print art and family tree, last minute I decided I wanted to make her a blanket too. And she's been using it ever since. Which makes me really happy!

I've got a lot of pieces of fabric left, and didn't have enough time to cut into squares, so I cut them into different width strips.

The big blue strip on the bottom of the pic above is two fat rectangles sewn into a strip. Same with the blue striped fabric, but it's really hard to photograph. But I love it! Used it on the date night clutch too!

I also managed to use up some grey fabric I've had for years, a fat quarter (the white with black polka dots), and a remnant from one of my old bridesmaid dresses when I was younger.

When I'd sewn them together I cut a back piece (the striped pink and white fabric), and a smaller piece of wadding.

Then I sewed the fabric right sides together, turned, inserted the wadding and sewed all the way around (closing the hole I left for turning in the process.).

Oh and I suck at quilting, one or both sides always end up bunched.So I just sewed along two of the seams between the fabrics to hold the wadding in place (and pinned like crazy).

And I realise most of you will be way better at quilting than me, so please be nice! I'm kind of a make it up as you go along kind of girl!


look how excited my sister is about the blanket!

Okay, I had just given her a haircut voucher...maybe it was a little to do with that :)

(p.s. the same teenage sister mentioned in the brownie milkshake post! She now has her braces, but look how gorgeous she still looks!)

Photo: Embrace the brace! #fakesmile

I'm sure mine never looked that small!

Happy jubilee! Have a great weekend, we'll be enjoying two extra bank holidays :)


  1. Rhiannon great blanket,i love everything you do,there is nothing wrong with being a make it up as you go,i do that, it is how you learn,much like passing your driving test,the true test is going out on your own!!!
    Yes,i don't think your mum will like the 1st photo.And you think you have alot of left over material??? I have been sewing for over 30 yrs and my mam keep's buying or giving me 'real retro' material so just imagine how much i have,that is the real reason i need to rehoused!!!!

  2. That is an awesome idea for a mom gift! My mom is always, always always cold...I should make her one too! :)

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing. It is on my to-do list for the year to learn how to sew, and if I do, I am coming back to this tutorial for some how-to's for great Christmas gifts!