Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Leather Journal Tutorial (the easy version!)

I've been wanting to try to make my own book for a while now, in fact ever since I saw my sister with a really cool looking leather bound writing book, especially when I knew how expensive it was!

The one sentence that has my husband's eyes rolling more than (most) any other: "I could totally make that myself!"

And so I did!

Here's how to did it, I got:

Leather remnants (from the luggage tag and Flynn Rider bags)
Printer paper cut in half (A4) there's four stacks there not pieces!
I also used my unpicker (used in sewing, not sure what it's real name is...)
A piece of coordinating card 
Needle and coordinating thread

First fold your paper in half to your desired page size.

Use your paper as a template for how big you want your leather cover, but add a little on the top and bottom.

I used my "unpicker" to make holes through all the paper (I just placed each pile inside each other).

Cut a piece of card slightly smaller than your leather, smear with PVA/white glue and stick in place.

Fold in half while it's still wet, but don't crease, you just want a bend like below...

Then place the paper inside the book.

Using the holes in the paper as a guide make holes in the cover so they line up.

Then sew through your holes tying a knot in the end (you can see mine on the left). 

Go through a few times till it feels secure, then tie a knot and trim.

Aaaaand you're done!

I'm actually quite pleased that I was able to not only make something for my 22 year old brother that he liked, but also be able to do it without spending!


  1. Love it and in fact would love one myself, nothing quite like starting a new notebook :)

    1. That should be your next project! Something for yourself :) And I made this quite quickly while the kids played, took less time than I thought.

  2. Your unpicker is called a seam ripper:)

  3. Love this! Especially love the corner detail :)
    I call mine an "unpicker" too :)

  4. Great job, & I'm sure your brother was very pleased. Kudos on sewing the leather, it is not easy to sew on. I sewed professionally in a former life.....lol, so I know! Also, just so you can be technically correct, that "unpicker" is a seam ripper & worth it's weight in gold! I'm visiting from Toni's One Project at a Time.

  5. Haha, "unpicker", I love it! Great job on this journal, I'm super impressed! I'm glad you linked this up at The Fun In Functional!