Sunday, 24 June 2012

Partly Free Kids' Present (Vinyl Bag)

So I wussed out (partly) on my no spend summer.

Only on one gift though. It's not all over! :)

I used Make it and Love it's tutorial for a vinyl storage bag.

By the way, hardest thing to photograph. ever.

After I'd made it, and did love it, but I couldn't make it into a proper gift for a four year old boy.

So after an evening and morning of whinging at my husband, he insisted that we bought something to go inside.

So I picked up these three cars for just over £3. (also my hubs' childhood fave!)

I paired it with the card Izzy made for her friend and....

A proper gift for her friend.

I know I kind of failed NSS with this one, but £3 for a little boy's gift is still pretty good I think! :) 

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  1. OK! So now you had ONE almost no spend Summer Day. I am proud of you! I admire you. Keep it up!