Friday, 15 June 2012

Father's Day Quote (Free Printable!)

As soon as I saw this quote I knew it would be perfect for my dad.

I used one of my car boot (£1) frames...

painted it with navy acrylic paint, cut a piece of card to fit the frame and stamped away! 

And I think it looks quite nice next to the letter art I made my hubs for valentines!

Aaaaand, because I love all of you too, here's a version you can print off!

There you go, the gift you forgot about sorted ;)

And one of my many man gifts done for NSS! (the frame I'm counting as not a cost as I bought it on a car boot sale that was already in our budget! ;) though even if I do, £1 for a gift is a figure I'm okay with!)


  1. Replies
    1. You're very sweet Mary! It was free(ish) and suited my dad so it worked for me! Plus you know how much I love my stamps ;)

  2. I love that quote every time I see it! I can't wait until I can make that for my dad one year. :-) Thanks for linking this up at The Fun In Functional!