Saturday, 9 June 2012

New Baby Gift (No Spend Summer)

And the first installment gift made from my No Spend Summer challenge!

For the taggy blanket I used:

Ribbon scraps
A jumper from my upcycle pile
Fabric left over from this clutch and this blanket

I pinned ribbons randomly around the edge of the square I'd cut from the jumper facing inwards with the striped fabric on top, right sides together (a little fiddly, but you get into the swing of it easily). 

Then I just sewed around the edge leaving a gap for turning, turned, ironed and top stitched.

For the sugar scrub:

Brown sugar
Mistletoe essential oil
Olive oil (all the above are just from my cupboards)
Jar from a charity shop aaaages ago. I got 10 for £5 I think, maybe cheaper

I'm afraid I just guess with this. Pour in enough sugar to fill your container/s, add about 10 drops of your essential oil, choose any you like! Then add enough oil (ground nut or almond is nice too) to make the consistency you like (I always test a little on my hands to be sure). Fill up the jar, adding a ribbon and label and you're done!

I also made a card with the baby's new name on. Popped everything in a "baby boy" gift bag I'd saved from when Ethan was born and I was good to go!

No Spend Summer success! Now I just need to make five man gifts by next weekend and I'll be on top of things!


  1. Okay, we bought one of these for $10 @ Target months ago...My son was just fascinated with tags at the time. He would find them on all his soft toys. Wouldn't ya know he turned the taggie blanket until he found the real tag? =D Love that idea...if only I could sew!!! =)

    1. Babies just seem to love these! Plus they're perfect for tummy time when they're little and a comfort blanket as they get bigger. Glad you like it Dessa! And it is easier to sew than you think, I'm self taught (with the aid of google!) and this is just straight line sewing, which is about as much as I can do :) I'll have to do a tute so you can see how easy it is!

  2. Fab ideas and I'm loving the sneak peek of your chair revamp :)

    1. Thanks Kathryn! I'm so excited to shop them off! Thought I'd get the last one done this week, but we've just been enjoying having Andy around so I just haven't done much "work"!