Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fabric Flowers

Izzy got a lovely In the Night Garden top from her uncle at Christmas, but it had a little hole near the collar. (top right)

But no problem, I'd seen a few tutorials for fabric flowers and thought it was a good opportunity to try it for myself.

I got my material and cut six rough circles of similar sizes.

Then I got a match and hold it near the edge of the material all the way around so it curls up at the edges.

Then place them on top of other in size order, largest to smallest. Then get a button and lay that on top too.

Sew it on...

And you're done! Next you can sew onto clothes, shoes, headbands or a hair clip!

I put mine on Izzy's top...

and got a very happy girl!

Now I want to make hair clips for everyone! Guess what everyone in my family is getting for birthdays this year!


  1. Please don't make me a flower hairclip for my birthday, it really won't help my reputation as a highly manly individual.

  2. Love the flower ist perfect for the top.

  3. Thanks for sharing your link on my blog! Stop back after Sunday to see who won my giveaway! Don't forget to spread the word and post my badge on your blog! Thanks!