Monday, 23 May 2011

Brand New! One Day Monday...

Welcome to 'One Day Monday'!

Every Monday I'm going to share a project that I've seen and would love to do, one day.

Without further adooo...

[2011-05-21 007[4].jpg]

Cute baby shoes with interchangeable flowers from Jill at Made it on Monday


Amazing ruffled lamp by Vintage Revivals. I tried to disguise the horrendous job I did of recovering, but it would seem that even ruffles cannot improve that baby! I'll post some pictures soon and give you a good laugh.

Flat Wall Bookholders

I love these bookshelves feature on Ana White. Wonder if my landlord would mind a few more holes in the wall...

And I'd love to make this if my husband would let me have a go at our laptop. From A girl and a glue gun. (She is the reason I begged pleaded demanded asked my husband to get me a glue gun.)

If only I could craft full time...

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