Sunday, 15 May 2011

Home made body scrub

Just a quickie. Some body scrub made with:

1 cup soft brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar
approx. 1 cup oil (I used ground nut as it's what they had in the supermarket)
some oils or other scent (I used cinnamon)


1. Mix together and put in jar. 

(See told you it was quick!)

(I also gave her a pack of handmade cards.)

I gave it to my mum for her birthday and this made quite a big quantity, could probably get two or three batches if you had smaller jars or containers.

There are much better ways of making the label waterproof but I went with what I had, which was sellotape. 

I of course tried it out myself to see if I needed any more sugar/oil and it works great, my hands were lovely and soft after. 

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