Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Indulgent-est brownies

(photos had to be taken quick as hands were approaching the plate)

Just a quick brownie recipe I modified from Delia Smith. You know, cos her's had nuts in and that is too close to being healthy for me.

4oz/110g butter
2oz/50g dark chocolate
2 eggs
8oz/225g granulated sugar
2oz/50g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
4oz/110g dark/milk chocolate cut roughly into chunks

1. Melt the butter and chocolate then mix into all the other ingredients(don't over mix, the best thing about this recipe is it can be done quickly and with/by a child...

while the other, younger child eats, and doesn't even finish a yoghurt...

sweet! cos he is still a little too young to be up on the worktops yet...)


2. Pop mixture in a big enough silicone/greased and lined loaf tin. I use a small one as it makes the brownies thicker and stodgier and therefore better. Cook for 35 mins on 180 degrees C.

3. Leave to set as long as you can take the 'are they ready yet?' 's and then cut up and put on a plate.

p.s. My husband told me he'd been reading my blog the other day (cue frantic remembering of past posts to see what I needed to appologise for). And later, and completely unrelatedly (yeah its a word!) told me he's gonna buy my a camera ('with the bit that comes out the front' 'the lens?' 'yeah one that goes in and out.') next birthday/Christmas. I decided to go with the more, 'thanks that's a really thoughtful idea instead' of 'you think my photos suck' approach :) 

Unluckily for you I just had my birthday.


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  1. Aww I think he should just buy you one :)
    Not that I think your pictures suck or anything like that!
    The brownies look yummy and kids look sweet and happy!