Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wooden Bead Necklace

So I've seen necklaces similar to this around blogland. I especially like them because they double as a teething aid too! Stylish AND practical :) 

So I kind of just made this up as I went along so bear with me!

First, choose your material and buy some wooden beads or balls. Measure how wide your material should be by rolling the bead in it and adding about an inch.

p.s. you will be seeing that top a LOT. It is my husband's (or was) and it shrunk in the wash. Now before you ask I didn't do it on purpose, however I did do a little dance when he told me it was too short now. I actually live in my husband's clothes when I'm pregnant as I get ENORMOUS! So nothing, not even maternity clothes fit me in the end. But now I have an excuse to wear his clothes and I don't have to have the sickness or horrible uncomfortableness (and yes that is a word).

Anyway, back to business. I cut a yard along and then sewed it into tube right sides together. Turn it inside out using a safety pin to guide it through.

Then tie a know in one end, but leave some on the end to hem and add your ribbon onto. Then alternate a knot then a bead, or mix it up however you like! 

(Yes when I saw my nails on this I did remove the nail varnish! Yuk!) When you have a short end with no space for a knot turn the raw edge under and insert the ribbon (leaving plenty to tie in a bow later). Sew... Same on the other side.

Then melt the edges of your ribbon so they don't fray. And then your done! Wear it and realise that actually your son doesn't care about jewelery (sigh of relief from my husband). But never mind, it looks pretty cool anyway! :)

I put a clip on corsage on it and that looked even prettier, maybe there's another use for the stacked flowers...

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