Sunday, 27 March 2011

Of course they're supposed to be cropped!

Just a little project I started a while ago, but needed to adjust the waist band (no one likes their trousers falling down mid dance!).

Ah the joys of dancing without showing your bum :)

Yes, she did need a wee on this picture, so being the good mum that I am I only took one more photo before letting her sprint upstairs to the toilet.

And of course I totally meant for them to be cropped, I absolutely did not accidently use too-small leggings as a guide for the pattern. Ah well my first attempt at clothing. (except the hat I made my husband that he wont wear, I swear its only a little bump on top of it and does NOT make him look like an overgrown pixie.)

They are far from perfect, but to my delight she loves them. Because she knows I made them for her. And that stops all the 'oh look at that wonky stitching/uneven leg lengths/tiny bottom allowance' comments in my head.

I just love that girl! Mental note, can see jealous brother in the background and should probably make him something next time...I'm thinking a t-shirt and some fabric paint?

Anyone know where I can get some fabric paint?

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  1. Fabric paint from the 'Sewing Box' down Finkle street,across from 'Help the aged.'