Saturday, 26 March 2011

Step away from the thickers

It's been a little quiet on the crafting front the last couple of weeks, first everyone was sick, and I was looking after them, then I was sick and they looked after me. (I much prefer it the latter way round!)

So just a few quick cards. Have I mentioned yet that I love Thickers? They are so easy to work with! Plus they can make a big difference to a project (scrapbooking, wall art, cards etc.) without it taking a long time.

This one is for my daughters birthday. (She will be three.)

And this one for my son's birthday. (I'm sure you can guess how old he'll be.) :)

And for my mum...Thickers and chipboards are my go to items at the moment, these ones are 'Smirk' ones. Is it obvious I made these cards in the same session? Ribbon, flowers, thickers and chipboards? Well if it aint broke! I know it's not everyones taste but I love simple cards (plus they're easy to make :) which equals more time with the hubbs and The mentalist. I LOVE this programme! Watch it and prepare to be hooked. However after watching the first season on a box set I'm now really annoyed by all the add breaks that interrupt great acting with 'go compare! go compare!'). That was a l o n g bracket!

There will be plenty more birthday related projects coming your way soon, I'm currently working on flowers hair clips and superhero capes. Photos soon!

Izzy loves my thickers too!

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