Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pimp my sewing machine cover!

So I made a cover for my brand new (ish) sewing machine, I used a book my wonderful friend Kathryn lent me - One-Yard Wonders by Yaker & Hoskins. (I'm pretty sure it was a hint to stop going on about fabric flowers, which require like two stitches, and move on to something else. So I saw the cover and thought it would be perfect, seen as my sewing machine already has paint spatters and glitter on her after only two months. (my daughter is even more into crafting than I am!) 

Now before I show any pictures please remember I started sewing only two months ago, and for one of those months I was under the impression that said sewing machine was broken, only to discover in an 'ahhh' moment that actually I had been putting the thread over the foot instead of under. (oh.)

So please ignore the wonky pocket, or not-so-perfect seams and be proud that I achieved this in only one evening!

Ah, you're wondering if I forgot to put my sewing machine inside?

Nope it's in there, paint splatters and all. It just turns out that my lovely machine is...petite. 

Don't laugh, my husband just pointed out that it's quite practical to have growing room.

So I'll be taking up the hem a little *cough* three inches *cough* and thought maybe I could add a little something. Of course my first thought was a flower or two, but that's maybe getting a little predictable. (As it's all I make!) Then I thought ruffles? Too much? Just along the bottom?

Anyway, what do you think? Pimp my sewing machine (cover). :)

Oooh maybe ruffles along the top of the pocket? Hmmm. Yes I am a two trick pony.

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  1. Rhiannon,
    I have been sewing for a very long time and i think your sewing machine cover is BRILLIANT,don't do what i do and point out your mistakes because other people may not notice at all,as i haven't noticed your wonky pocket at all,in fact i think you have done great to have made this in an evening,keep up the good work.
    P.S. I think i may have to borrow that book lol!!!! xx