Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Our Bedroom- The Ideal

Or at least as ideal as it gets! I seem to work on every room except our own! I've personalised and prettied pretty much every room in our home, except ours. I think I bought some lamps and called it a day!

I did, however paint the bedside tables when we replaced our bed (after it had been held together for weeks with electrical tape!).

But still haven't quite got to the chest of drawers...

I did buy the paint a couple of weeks ago though, that's half way there right?

I have been impressed that our shoe boxes have remained pretty organised so far. In fact they even managed to motivate Andy to sort through his belt collection! We can now store scarves and gloves in there too! (Anyone else notice the difference in shoe piles? His is definitely larger than mine! Time to shop?)

And finally, another basket storage that works pretty well for us is this one at the bottom of the bed. It stores our pjs and jeans for the next day (is it weird that we wear them more than one day?), plus I use it when I'm sorting clothes, ours go in there while I put away the kids' things and ultimately get distracted!

So that's it, pretty much a blank canvas. What would you do? Are we the only ones to wear jeans multiple times before washing? 

Wondering what the Real vs. The Ideal is? Click here!


  1. yeah right, jeans almost never get dirty! ; )

  2. Jeans should totally be worn more than once! And pjs! I just put mine on the top of the pile in my closet. :)