Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stamped Wedding Gift and Card

Last night we went to a wedding, and in a very-like-me fashion I completely forgot about a gift until the day of the wedding (lucky it didn't start till the evening!). So I stamped a mini version of the personalised letter art.

I also made a stamped "love" card. Simple, but pretty.

I did my usual thing of wrapping in brown paper and accessorising. Is it weird that my mother in law asked if I wanted a bunch of fake flowers, and my thoughts were that I could pull the heads off? Now I have a huge bunch of them that I keep having to move off the table so we can eat.

They do look pretty on a present though. I just used a couple of strips of double sided tape to attach it.

The "love" cards are actually the newest addition to my Etsy shop. Just saying, in case you have an anniversary coming up, or you have anyone you love... ;)

So what do you think about the smaller art version? Here's the big and small side by side.

I think the smaller one is a nice alternative to more stamps, plus I wouldn't have to charge as much because it doesn't take as long to make.

Any of you ever pull the heads of fake flowers to decorate? Just me? I just can't seem to look at objects the same any more! I always think "How could I make something with that?" and BAM, now I'm a hoarder! 

My poor husband...


  1. I have an anniversary on tuesday 28th feb,i have been divorced 4 years on tuesday,Luke say's we should have a party!!!!!

  2. Love this fun idea. It makes for a great unique and thoughtful gift ! :)
    Thanks for the comment on my post, I was thinking that instead of doing the whole things for your daughters lamp you could do a flower like you mentioned but the same way I did the whole lamp. I have made a cushion similar to what I mean, here is the link ! :) (Could make this look like a flower on a plain shade !)

  3. I too am constantly forgetting to get gifts ready in time! I love that you came up with the perfect gift in such a short amount of time...I'm sure the bride never knew ;) ...and I just adore the card...I love the size and length and the simplicity is charming!