Friday, 30 December 2011

Wardrobe Storage

So get ready or some pretty dramatic photos! When I get an idea in my head it has done be done rightthisveryminute. So when I saw some reduced wicker baskets in Asda (I think it's Walmart in the US?) for £5 I knew where I'd love them. 

In my wardrobe!

The camera batteries had died so I grabbed my husband's mobile for these photos. Never mind, more dramatic before photos! But now I'm looking at this I'm thinking it actually looks better than normal, usually there are more shoes and clothes on the floor. Anyone else have the same problem?

So I cleared the kids' stuff back into their rooms, moved their table (to in front of my husband to fix) and separated our shoes into the baskets. But then I noticed the big carrier bag of my husband's belts that was supposed to be I went and got another basket, I just so happened to be back in Asda the next day :)

But I still wasn't totally happy. Do you know what's coming next?

Labels of course!

I cannot explain why these make me SO happy! I keep going into my room just to look at the prettiness.

And if I had some storage somewhere else for this:

I would totally have it like this...

So I could see all the tags at the same time. Which are just rectangles of card with alphabet stickers and a hole punched in and then tied on with twine.

So when I mentioned to my husband that maybe he could thin out his belt collection, because he may have too many, he said "but then what would you fill your basket with?".

Ah, husband. I would store you in a wicker basket if I could. 

Everything's prettier in a basket.


  1. These are amazing rhiannon!

  2. Love it! i bought a wall hanger for my son's guitar. It keeps the guitar much more out of the way than the floor stand, and they are inexpensive. I got mine at

  3. We also have wall hangers, for several of the guitars. We use the string slings brand, a life save for us!!

  4. So funny, but completely agree, everything IS prettier in a basket. Like your blog : )