Sunday, 5 February 2012

Izzy's Room - The Ideal

Here's the view from the door, if you've been following a while you may remember I showed you her room a while back in this post.

I've made a few changes since then...

Yes, I painted her wardrobe pink.

It was at Izzy's request. I'd gone to buy some paint for the drawers in our room and she saw a tin of pale pink wood paint (that just so happened to be half price at £4!). Plus, the night before she hadn't wanted to go to bed, which isn't unusual, but she told me she didn't like her bedroom because her wardrobe was brown. And everyone knows brown is for boys and not for girls. So it seemed kind of perfect!

So the next day, when Izzy was at nursery school and Ethan was napping, I painted her wardrobe. And I even had time to browse Pinterest before Ethan woke up! 

The paint job is far from perfect, but Izzy loves it and I was able to do it in record time!

It's hard to see but the handles are a darker shade of pink made by just mixing some white wood paint with a bit of Izzy's normal red paint. I was going to replace them, but one is actually glued on and was not coming off! And this way it keeps costs a bit lower too.

I also got her some new curtains and bin. (The butterfly lamp shade tutorial is here.)

On her wall is some flowers made from toilet rolls on a piece of foam board and edged with ribbon. Except I'm not sold, it needs a bit more thickness on the outside. But I'm not sure what do use/do...any ideas?

On the other wall is some frames and her bunting.

Her wardrobe is organised the same way as Ethan's. I'm weirdly OCD about certain things, like clothes being put away and duplo blocks being broken up before being put away. But then could care less if the dinner dishes are left out till the next morning sometimes!

In the bottom is a box of her toys (the ones not used so much), her shoes and a box for hers and our bedding.

And along the theme of organising:

Izzy's top two drawers and for jeans and leggings, and pjs, tights, pants and socks. But the bottom one is for little bits and pieces. On the right is little things like purses and headbands. The two other boxes are for jewelry and hair things. I did have the lids on them but it didn't work for us as I'm too lazy and Izzy couldn't pull the lid off. So the lids just snap on and off and are being stored under them. Much easier to tidy up now!

The book nook is much the same, except that the kids are very into using the numbers as a giant jigsaw, not that I mind. I'm actually really pleased that they find the area so fun to play in!

So this is probably the only room in the house which is pretty much finished. I do get quite happy looking at these photos. And not really because it's perfect, but because it works for our family. Both kids love playing in here, and it's a real sanctuary for Izzy on a bed time.


  1. I love the Pink Wardrobe!! What a difference it makes, it really just opens up the room and makes it look larger. Aedan is a bit like Izzy when it comes to colors as well. Pink, even purple do not make the grade for boys "things".. it is so funny how they work that out.

  2. Very nice... Love that shade of Pink. Your Angel seemed to enjoy herself in the pretty surroundings!!! Good Job...

  3. I love your wardrobe!

  4. Closet organization for small one is definately on my long list. Great to see an easy and practical version. Now I'll give it a go :0)

    Thanks so much for taking part in our Pin'Inspiration Party. Hope that you are having as much fun exploring as I am and that you'll take part in helping the "Beat the Winter Blues" on Saturday.

  5. Hey! I loved this so much that you are going to be a feature at this week's Pin'Inspiration Party. Hope to see you there :0)