Monday, 27 February 2012

Your "Real" homes!

I totally spaced this weekend and forgot I had this post all written! Here's you "real" homes!

So today I get to show off your homes! I'm so glad some of you also wanted to show off you "real" life homes (and not just because it makes me feel better! ;) ).

Wendy from "The food war" and other tales shared a post on her own "real" and this perfect picture of her craft room. I love that she labelled it too, it made me smile because I could relate to so much of it!

Karen, at Somewhat Quirky, shared her dining table. It really reminds me of one of our worktops, it's a catch all for so many things, like Karen's! And I'm starting to feel okay about the piles of laundry in our rooms...however ours aren't ever as neatly folded as those towels in the background!

Darcee from ReesiePie Creations posted about her craft room (okay, I'm officially jealous of all you ladies with craft rooms!). I personally think having your fabric out is the best way to do it! Other wise how do you know what you've got and what matches with it? :) Normally I use the kitchen table...

And is it weird that all I think about is how much I'd love some of that polka fabric, and the floraly blue one. Oh and how cute the little dresses are! 

Thank you all so much for sharing your homes, and for all of your sweet comments as I have shared mine! I have loved seeing them. And I love that there are some more realistic images of people's homes floating around the internet!


  1. What a dubious honor to be included in this post! Enjoy!

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  3. Ha, love it! I still feel as if those other homes are neater than mine! :)

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  6. I love this post!! Makes me feel more normal! Thanks, ladies, from the bottom of my messy little heart...