Thursday, 8 December 2011

Handmade in December

Forgot to mention, but I'm posting over at Blissful and Domestic for their Handmade in December series. Talking about the experiences advent.

Sorry it's been a little quiet on the blogging front, I have been very busy with making gifts, decorations and food - but I have family members who read this blog...So I'll have plenty to share when they've received their gifts and I have time to take some pretty pictures for you. The light here is terrible at the moment! But I've managed to cross a few things off my list which I can tell you about properly soon:

  • Reorganising the front entrance. (Including adding furniture and drilling!)
  • Wrapping and buying more gifts. (Here's where I'm getting all my inspiration!)
  • Making Christmas cards for Izzy's friends.
  • Making chocolatey gifts that keep, inspiration from hotel chocolat:
White & Caramel Cookies

(I'm far too cheap to pay what they're asking, even if the packaging is pretty!)

  • And of course putting up our tree and decorations!
Though I still, hopefully like most of you, have lots more to do!

And many more jars to save for free packaging :) Just me?

Still trying to think of the perfect service to do with the kids!

Hope you're enjoying the Christmas season.

Nativity Scene

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