Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Jumper to Cardi refashion

Just a quickie!

If you follow me on Facebook you'll know I'm bust enjoying my family at the moment (except from when the sugar rush wears off!). So I'm just posting a quick refashion of a jumper that I did (and have since done two more!)

So, I had this jumper. 

(And yes, I did just turn the jumper over, I had already cut up the middle, I really didn't think this would turn out okay!)

Wore it lots before getting married (and having two babies).But since then it has only drawn attention to the areas I'd rather avoid!

So I cut it down the middle and added some bias tape.

NOTE: This was my first time using bias tape, don't use it like this, fold it over the long edge and sew very close to the edge. Like on this next photo. Though I must warn you that I am the worst poser!

And I may have some nice dribble on my arm courtesy of my little boy. I had just strapped him into the car and was on my way to church, glamorous I know! 

And and even more awkward one?

I know, I know amazing placement of the wire and I totally need to look at a future in modelling.

I  think maybe posting these photos prove how much I'm loving the transformation, and want to share it with you! 

It just makes it so much more wearable, and I love to layer! And it does come together closer at the front, I just had it open more to wear with the belt. I use a flower clip to pin it together in the middle as I've not yet conquered button holes.

Baby steps.

Hope you're all enjoying the sugar rush(es) too! :)


  1. I love to refashion sweaters into cardis. Awesome and looks great on you!

  2. Loved the colour of the cardigan - and that beautiful skirt!
    Just a little Hi from an Norwegian reader looking for organizing tips :)

    1. Thank you! I just couldn't get rid of it for that reason! Glad you stopped by, hope you found something useful!

  3. Rhiannon you're looking great!! I am thinking of all those tops that no longer fit me... Anyway, been looking through your blog, don't follow it regurly, just because of my hugest problem - time!! Do like it though, inspires me to try and find the time to do all the projects I'd like to do. One day when this baby is at school and I'm a lady of leisure they'll be no stopping me!!! Take care all you Parkers xx Beth