Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pretty and Simple Decoration

I was shown how to make this decoration a few years ago and it's so simple and easy that I made one for each family in our family (that makes sense right?!) last Christmas.

It's just two heart shaped pieces of your chosen fabric hand stitched together with a running stitch, stuffed when there's just an two inches to go and then the ribbon is sewn on with the button.

I changed it up a bit for a wedding present to make something that is more display friendly and less Christmas decoration-y. (frame from Ikea, and the ribbon is just hot glued to the top of the frame.)

Easy peasy! 

In other news I've been on a bit of an organisational blitz. It started with a cupboard in my desk and has escalated from there. 

It just started with a few things from my desk, that needed to go in the cupboard under the stairs. Then I realised that under the stairs was looking unloved and cluttered (which is an understatement)

(and this is after I emptied all the shoes!)

While brainstorming for a free solution for our chaotic shoe organisation I was in the garage and found a shelf unit I could use...

But then, well I think you can see that I'm now a woman possessed. I've had a stomach bug today and have still been reorganising.

Watch out kitchen drawer, I've got my eye on you...

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  1. This heart is adorable. I love how you put it with the frame. Won't you come link it to Thrifty Thursday?!