Sunday, 6 November 2011

One Day Monday - Organisation

So after my recent organising and purging I decided to share some of my favourite clutter busting a prettifying solutions I've found. And please feel free to share your own too!

So I love this one from Dollar Store Crafts:

Not just because it's pretty, But because it's also functional and so cheap! It's just painted baking tins! So clever. This whole cheap organising has me looking at everything in a new way!

Spice containers used to hold office supplies

I know magnetic spice jars aren't a new idea, but I love how pretty they can be, plus it can get so much clutter off your desk top. And I don't know about you but if I can't see something I have I forget I have it and don't use it. Found here.

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And I just love everything about this room! Pretty? Uh yes! Functional? Of course? And totally makes life easier. And it's from the amazing Jen at I heart organizing. She is so clever! 

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And my husband would love if I did this one, we have so many batteries and can never find them! Often, (awesome parenting alert) it's because Ethan's playing with them. What is it with kids and batteries? He's that obsessed that before he was one he had learnt how to hit the remote so the batteries would fall out. 

Needless to say neither of the backs of out remotes work any more. Any one got a solution for that? And he can find them in any given location. Crawling down the hallway at my mum's last week and all the sudden there's one in his hands. 

Didn't even surprise me. Or him when I removed it. It's kind of our thing now. 

He finds/does something dangerous, I stop it. I know I'm a kill joy.

Anyway this idea is from

So share, what works best for you? How do you deal with junk drawers and cluttered work tops? How do you store your kids toys? And more importantly does it stay that way? 

And if it does please share your secrets! :)

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