Thursday, 7 July 2011

A quickie...

A few days ago we had people over for dinner. We are a family of four and we had five extra adults over and three extra kids. I cleverly organised for them all to arrive the same time as my husband gets in from work, so I knew I wouldn't have time for baking desert (or tidying, or cooking...oh for the gift hindsight...).

Anyway, while Ethan was happy Izzy and I made these.

It's as easy as it looks and perfect as the day was so hot baked goods wouldn't have gone down nearly so well. We just dipped the cones in the melted chocolate and added sprinkles over a plate (to use up the ones we dropped and to lessen the 'exploded paint' look).

Everyone loved them (even the adults) and ended up with quite a cute impromptu ice cream station. 

No pics because as soon as they were out, they were gone! And I didn't think you'd want a photo of empty ice cream tubs!

Izzy loved it as she could pretty much do it solo and she got lots of praise!


  1. Yum, these look great and fun! We did these with waffle bowls at the twins bday and they were a big hit. Thanks for linking to the Summertime Fun Party

  2. This is a fantastic idea!!!

  3. Yummy! Nothing like ice cream & chocolate! Thanks for the bloggy luv & have fun making bibs :)