Sunday, 31 July 2011

One Day Monday

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was filled with a date night, a girly night and a hen party! 

I know, I know I'm a social butterfly. But seriously my social life is more like buses. Nothing, and then three come along at once! Needless to say I'm pretty tired, not used to partying like a teenager! And for some reason Ethan and Izzy don't seem to want to wake up any later than I have found myself on the sofa surrounded by all the contents of my living room and two happy kids wondering how 'resting my eyes' has turned into twenty minutes knocked out. 

Managed to get a lot of projects finished earlier this week though, more on them later...

I found this simple but beautiful dress tutorial over at Sweet Verbena. Plus the tutorial shows how to do it with or without trim on the bottom (which makes it even simpler for me!). 

I have actually already started this necklace for my sister-in-law. I love that it's peas in a pod, and you can do however many 'peas' there are in the person's family. Positively splendid does a fantastic tutorial on how to make your own with craft wire and beads. 

And for fun, I found these gorgeous ways to wrap presents with brown paper and scraps. Found here. I love how unique you can make everyone's gifts.

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  1. 6am is to early for most people, let alone a party animal! hahaha! are you going to be making a maxi dress, just like that one?x