Sunday, 3 July 2011

One Day Monday

So, I thought it was weird just now that my son had not fallen asleep as I'm finishing cleaning the kitchen. (I can't relax while the kids are still settling down to sleep so it's actually one of my most productive times of the day.) It had been over half an hour and he was still chatting to himself. So I thought I'd go resettle him. Went to his dark bedroom, picked him up and sang his bedtime song, laid him in his cot, and there I am about to put his cover back on when I notice I can see his boy junk! It stares at me for a few seconds while I look, brow furrowed, before I realise that he really should have a nappy on there.

So as calmly as I can (humming bedtime song so as not to ruin the calm atmosphere and let on that he had completely stumped me), I get a new nappy out and put it on, covering him up searching around the room for said nappy which-I'm-sure-I-put-him-in but is now no where to be seen. 

He is now asleep, and I'm glad he had stayed up so I wasn't awoken to a cot filled with wee and poo. But am completely confused as to where he's stashed that (hopefully clean) nappy!

Anyway on to more beautiful things...

This upcycled tie tutorial from artstar by aletha is exactly what I needed. I am in a bit of craft funk, in that I have lots of ideas but not the energy to do them. (early sunrise = kids up too early = very grumpy kids that are hard work!) But this is perfect, my husband has that many ties that his tie holder isn't just overloaded, it also periodically vomits ties all over the bottom of the wardrobe and into/under all our (not-so-clean) shoes. Perfect solution!

These bean bags are so cute, and I'm actually cheating a little with this one, as I have already cut out and painted on the letters for my kids. But as it probably take me till December to assemble I think it counts. This is from Lil Blue Boo, I featured her wallets before, seriously check her out she has some amazing ideas!

This is just so beautiful and because she has a photo of her little helper I'm thinking this is one I could do with the kids too (as long as I had a few extra balloons!). More design please makes it look really easy and I think would be a really sweet idea to hang at a little girls party, bridal shower or baby shower.

Hope you're all getting more crafting done than me! If you have anything you'd like me to share please give me an email

Enjoy your week!

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