Wednesday, 15 June 2011

One day...Wednesday?

Okay I'm a couple of days late. But I was ill so it's ok. Apparently it's just me that has been craft free for a few weeks days. 

Check out these!

Homemade by jill is one of my favourite blogs. Her things are always so professional and cute, just like this owl mobile.

How great would these look in a kids bedroom?! Want to make one for Ethan as his room is SO bare! These are from dollar store crafts.

And I'm really tempted to make this for our fireplace with some old bed slats I hoarded saved from ages ago! From every creative endeavor.

p.s. You can follow me on pintrest here if you want to join me looking at other people's pretty things. (just so you know, if you do you'd be doubling my following single handedly!)

1 comment:

  1. I have got to say that i have enjoyed every moment that i had looking at your ideas and even blogged about the crayon one that I will tweak to fit my kids color preference. I hope you enjoy adding me as one of your blogs that help you get inspired to create with the use of only a dollar or nothing. I look forward to add you to Crafty One Dollar Creations! God Bless.....