Saturday, 25 June 2011

Finally something for the boy!

What you didn't know that I had a boy/you thought I didn't love him as much as the girl because I never craft for him?!

Well I do. And I do love him. But girls are much easier to craft for. My boy is happy with just a car. Seriously. My husband is delighted that he fits the stereotype because they will have lots in common. 

Though on a little of an off tangent note I did worry when I was pregnant with Ethan whether he'd end up a bit of a wuss or a girly-boy. As Izzy is very, very girly. Like wants-to-wear-pink-princess-dresses-every-day girly. And as I am at home with her every day I kind of thought it must be my influence, I am quite girly too. 

But I guess that Ethan is more of a testament to nature more than nurture (though my husband would probably like me to point out his influence in all of this. Yes Andy you are VERY manly). 

I was being sarcastic but this photo really makes me swoon. He is actually climbing a tree with my daughter in his arms. :)

Anyway I didn't have to worry about a wussy son (who by the way I would have loved just as much, just aware high school boys may not have...), he has already had a trip to minor injuries and laughs when Izzy hits him. 

I will get to my point. Some easy peasy tees for boys!

So I scored a three pack of tops of £3.50. (Sweet!)

They were already cute with the little animals, but I had some writing in mind for one of them, as my brother was going to be meeting Ethan the next day for the first time. (He has been a missionary for two years with our church.)

So I grabbed some fabric paint and slid some cardboard inside in case of bleeding through onto the other side. (Which didn't happen, but I'd rather be safe!)

Then wrote away!

I also did one using a shape I had.

And there you go, two very easy and quick tees for my boy.

Unfortunately no pictures of him wearing them, as soon as I put it on him it was covered in food, snot and dribble. (Yet another talent my husband is very proud of.)


  1. Very cool Rhiannon... I can testify that Ethan does dribble alot and eats and he's a boy which does mean he has to be messy! so on the t-shirt it actually says 'Nice to meet you, snot, dribble and food!' Hahahahahahahahaha!

  2. Cute shirts for Ethan, lovely funny post too :) Thanks for sharing at BC Good Life Wednesdays.

  3. Great way to dress up a shirt, Rhiannon! Ethan is adorable.

  4. I'm a new follower ! These were the first tutorial I clicked on when I found your blog on blog hop today, so funny because my post is actually about a Tee I made for my son last week. Great minds think alike ? Good assumption right ? :)
    Feel free to check out my blog, have a great day !