Monday, 20 June 2011

One Day Monday

I'm actually posting on a Monday this week. Found some really great ideas of things to do with kids this week. I think all of American schools have broken up so I'm storing all these activities on my pintrest account (feel free to follow me!) for when we have some free time. 

Here are some of my favourites:


I could make these with Izzy one afternoon, and both kids would love to play with them. They are from Jaqs studio.

These would look sweet on the kiddies bedroom walls. And I know they'd love that they'd made them themselves. Plus, I get to see their tiny, chubby hands more! Found at A pumpkin and a princess. She also does a theme to her week with her kids, this week was ocean theme and she reads books and does crafts and activities based around the theme each week. What a great idea!

These finger puppets would be great for both kids to make and we have plenty of spare paint! Found here.

And finally this is perfect for me as my kids love things like this, but I don't like the mess! I love it when I find a good compromise! From here.


Plus with this I'm pretty sure you could pop these away and save for another time! Easy and reusable! Sold!

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