Monday, 5 November 2012

dinosaur joggers

I'd been looking for ages for some comfy joggers for Ethan, the kind he could go to nursery in, and get as dirty as he wanted. But the proud mum in me also wanted them to look kind of cool too...

So I bought a two pack of cheap ones and made them cool. Plus they're now Ethan's favourite bottoms to wear!

First I drew around a dinosaur shape onto dark fabric with chalk. It's the inner part of the freezer paper stencil I used for this tee. I keep all my inner images  in a jar for such an occasion! 

Then I pinned it onto the joggers so it looked like the dino was climbing up his leg. 

And sewed around the outside on my machine. Just take your time and go back and go over if you're not sure if it's not caught on any areas.

My brother reckons they look like hollister joggers, but with dinosaurs, which obviously makes them cooler ;) In fact, my 27 year old brother has requested a pair for Christmas too! 

And one more gratuitous shot to show how much my boy loves the park.

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